I want M5StickC can use BLE via Uiflow/microPython

  • I wish M5StickC can use BLE via Uiflow/microPython

    Here is my experience:
    I try to customize existing microPython code below for my use. I thought this program can execute Switchbot via BLE for a little custom.
    MicroPython project / Co2 HAT & M5StickC / Data storage uses Ambient

    I search around information, I finally understood latest ESP board and microPython handle Bluetooth api, but Uiflow/microPython of M5StickC cannnot support it.

  • @takoshiut8
    I also would like BLE to be implemented for M5StickC Plus

  • Some of the boards do support BLE in UIflow, specifically Core2, Fire, and Tough show Blynk BLE and Nordic BLE UART services under the Advanced menu.

    There doesn't appear to be general support for custom BLE services and characteristics in UIflow itself at the moment, but the micropython modules may still be present in firmware, I haven't looked yet. If so, you could potentially run them from an Execute block, or someone could make a custom block for common BLE services.

    Whether it's intentional or a coincidence, the boards that show BLE support in UIflow all happen to have psram, so it's possible they did that to avoid crashes that would be hard for inexperienced users to diagnose.

    On the other hand, UIflow doesn't show any BLE services for Atom psram and M5Stack paper, even though they both have psram, but that could be an oversight.

  • @mrsteveman1 Hi there! I will forward your request to our technical support, thank you for letting us know!