Save variables permanent for power cycle

  • Is there a way to save a variable value permanent. So after a power cycle I can use this value?

    Currently I have to set the value in the UIflow and flash the AtomMatrix.

  • @mchott I tried several things including EEPROM.

    Is it possible that the EEPROM function on the Atom Matrix simply does not exist? The button B on the side does not exist in UIflow either.

  • Hello @mchott

    EEPROM function works for me - see below. However what I found is that reading a value (after storing it) takes a couple of seconds until the new value is read. Second I found EEPROM read key ... to int doesn't work for me.

    AFAIK there is no button B on M5Atom (lite or Matrix). The button on the side is a hardwired reset button.



  • @felmue Super!!!

    The EEPROM seem to have some problems with integer values and fast timing.

    I store my integer now as string and wait until read is finished and it works.