BALA 2 not recognized in UiFlow 1.10

  • Whenever I run a program involving Bala2 on an M5CoreGREY it says that “Bala motor not connected” even though I didn’t change anything about it out of the box. (This error also applies to any other core that I use)

  • To be clear, this error occurred out of the box with a coreGREY, so I tried with a CoreFIRE and the same thing happened.

  • @hwtaro9 I've never seen bala 2 work with the UIFlow blocks they provide (are those even for the Bala2 or just Bala?).

    When I had a UIFlow program on mine I had to set the i2c registers in python code (in an execute block), which works but implementing a PID loop in there wasn't something I wanted to do.

    It would be great to have official UIFlow blocks for that robot though, it's really nice hardware.