Noob question: where to start Timer Camera and 4G/LTE comms?

  • I have yet to get in to the M5 world but came across this when looking for an ESP32 solution.
    My goal: An image taken every 30 minutes from a remote webcam (solar), and sent to FTP/web host via 4G comms. This will be for an alpine webcam feeing weather images back to a website during daylight hours.

    Previous solution used a Pi Zero+battery board+USB 4G stick. From a 10 minute glance it may be the M5 Timer Camera (utilising deep sleep to save power) coupled with the LTE module may be a solution. Is that too simplistic & wouldn't work / major flaws, or is this something others have already done?

    Any pointers, resource suggestions, ideas, thoughts most welcome. As the title says, I'm completely new to this so open to suggestions of what I need to learn as well.