Cat-M1 + GNSS Unit has no GPS GNSS option.

  • According to the docs page the Cat-M1 + GNSS unit supports GPS, but in UiFlow the only options are GLONASS (Russia), BEIDOU (China), GALILEAN (Europe), and QZSS (Japan), and I'm in the US and I need to use GPS.

  • Hello @HWTaro9

    I think you can choose any of the four options as GPS is always included by default. From the SIM7080 AT command document:

    0 start GPS and GLONASS constellation
    1 start GPS and GALILEO constellation
    2 start GPS and BEIDOU constellation
    3 start GPS and QZSS constellation


  • @felmue Thanks! so if I don't use the block that sets what constellation it uses, it will default to just using GPS, right?

  • Hello @HWTaro9

    I just ran below three blocks and monitored the AT commands they would send to the modem (w/o the modem actually stacked / connected to the M5Stack):

    GNSS power control 'on' -> AT+CGNSPWR=1
    GNSS work mode 'GLONASS' -> AT+CGNSMOD=1,1,0,0,0
    GNSS NMEA poll task -> AT+CGNSINF

    This means that the AT command AT+SGNSCFG=<MODE> I mentioned before is not part of these three blocks.

    BTW: checking the work mode on my SIM7080 for the first time returns:

    +CGNSMOD: 1,1,0,0,0

    which means GPS and GLONASS are enabled. And since this command's parameter saving mode is AUTO_SAVE_REBOOT I would assume that this is the default.

    In other words if you omit the work mode block I'd assume GPS and GLONASS are enabled by default.


  • @felmue Thank you very much!