M5Stack Tough Boot Menu

  • Hi all,

    Is it just me or when flashing to a Tough, does the "Boot Menu Hide or Show" config option do absolutely nothing?

    I've tried multiple versions of M5Burner and even more different versions of the firmware and all produce the same result when flashing the tough.. The config option seems to do zip, nadda, nothing! The menu is always displayed no matter what I do...

    Is anyone else seeing this behavior?

    Thank you in advance! :)

  • Hello @Adamk

    well. I think absolutely nothing isn't correct. When I set to hide the boot menu it only shows for about 1 second before starting the downloaded app whereas when I set to show the menu it shows about 4 seconds before starting the downloaded app. So yes, this option is basically useless. I would like to have an option which not only truly hides the boot menu, but also doesn't show the boot animation. At least now the startup tone can be disabled.
    (BTW: It is the same for M5Core2 which isn't that surprising as they probably share a lot of code.)