Looking for the basics

  • Just got my first M5 device (M5paper), which is also my first experience of ESP32. I'm really missing the entry point and a full reference.

    I've got it working with the Arduino IDE, and can compile and run a few of the samples. But as soon as I try to move beyond these, I'm missing the basic map and signposts.

    For example, this sample code uses


    it works, and that's fantastic. But now if I want to do something else with the WiFi just want to fetch a string from a URL, obviously there's a whole WiFi library which must support that - where do I find the documentation? Is there anywhere I can find the definition of canvas.drawJpgUrl?

    Is this an M5-specific thing? Or an ESP32-generic thing? Is there a reference to the functions available?



  • Hello @Hamnet

    some M5Paper specific APIs can be found here.

    WiFi is part of the ESP32 and not M5Paper specific, so you probably best search for something like Arduino WiFi examples.


  • Hi David.

    Check out https://randomnerdtutorials.com/esp32-web-server-arduino-ide/ the tutorials on this site are very good and there are loads of them. Remember your M5paper is basically an ESP32 with a in built touch screen display.

  • Thank you both Felix and @silentmonkey. I'm navigating the M5 docs, but as I've whinged elsewhere, although they give function signatures (not complete I think, e.g. I've seen examples which don't match the reference) I'm missing context.

    In relation to HTTP, there seem to be a lot of different Arduino libraries - copy and pasting from random examples on the internet has got me somewhere, but is there any guidance for a newbie as to the 'good' ones to go for? For example I'm currently able to fetch data from 'http:' URL, but not 'https:' - although the canvas.drawJpgUrl example function uses an 'https:' URL and that works...

    Thanks again for responding.