Problems with text merge on http request module

  • Hello all!

    I have a silly problem with the http request module in UI Flow.

    When I put URL as a text e.g. then it works!

    When I put it with text merge module https://...example.php?client" + clientvariable
    I always get a 400 bad request.
    When I add 2 variables it also adds a line break between the variables - 2nd part is "&room=" + variable as text merge

    http request just in the browser works of course :)

    Thx for any help! Appreciated!


  • Maybe this might help others:

    We kinda solved problem #1 after talking to a python guy :-P

    When you request values from http this MIGHT have some spaces included, even if you don't see them.
    "So we put truncate spaces from both ends" an all those variabels and that works!

    Don't think that this should be so hard to use - but anyhow - it works.

    So #2 stays open. How to reveive 2 variables via http request