Is my M5Core dead the LCD display is blank? I can erase it burn to it with M5Burner.

  • I have a M5Core version 2.4 which has nothing on the display. I can see the backlight come on but that's it. This is an older device but I've never used it before as I purchased multiple units. I can see it on the com port and communicate with it via M5Burner. I've erased it and tried different version of UIFlow to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas or is it dead? Thanks in advance.

  • @wwhite Have you made sure sure that you are burning M5Core firmware and not M5fire or M5Core2?

    failing that, you can get replacements from M5Stack for about $25.

  • Thanks for responding ajb2k3. I'm certain it's the M5Core version I'm installing. I wrote to M5Stack for information regard a replacement and what the cost would be.