myCobot 320 Evaluation | Robotic arm for education and research

  • myCobot 320 M5Stack is an upgraded product of the myCobot series, a preferred choice for individual makers and researchers.
    It supports secondary development according to users' needs and achieves personalized customization. myCobot 320 is very cost-effective with safety, practicability, and efficiency.

    Here we are going to review the myCobot320 and see what is different after upgrading.


    The material is made of photosensitive resin in 3D, and the equipment details are more precise. The exterior is treated with a special process, giving myCobot 320 a new look. And the unique black color design makes myCobot 320 look very powerful.
    alt text


    The configuration and performance have also been greatly improved as shown in the table below.


    It still supports the development of major mainstream programming languages and platforms, such as Python, ROS, ROS2, C++, and Arduino. The most crucial thing in this upgrade is the vast improvement in the internal algorithm of the robotic arm and the communication speed.
    ● The original robotic arm would shake during operation, but this problem has been solved through the optimization of the algorithm, and now the operation is smoother.
    ● Serial communication efficiency has been dramatically improved from 100ms per transmission to 20ms per transmission, which helps the user save a lot of time when developing.


    This upgrade meets more users' needs and optimizes the user's experience when operating the myCobot 320. The multi-interface design is convenient for users to carry out secondary development. The joint motor speed and current reading interface help users develop more possibilities in robotic projects. myCobot 320 is an excellent choice for individual developers who are new to robotics and want to create prototypes for personal or industrial use.

    Video demo

    If you have a myCobot 320, what project will you achieve? Welcome to leave a message below, we will adopt some interesting and novel ideas to try to develop!
    Details for myCobot320
    Elephant robotics

  • Do you offer any adapters? For example gripper, or suction pump.

  • We offer a wide range of adapters, grippers, and suction pumps.
    Different scenarios use corresponding adapters.
    if you want to learn more about the adapters, click here.

  • I have one myCobot 320, and gonna buy a new one in black

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