UIFlow program on firmware

  • Hello, so I have a Core2 and I have developed and uploaded a program onto it with UIFlow firmware. Thing is, I didn´t connect the Core2 to power and it turned off overnight. When I plugged it in, the program wasn´t loaded and had to do it again. Is there any way that the program developed on UIFlow IDE can permanently stay on the firmware loaded even if the Core2 turns off or restarts?

    Thank you

  • @german-figueroa2000 download it to the Core2, the script will be saved to it, and the Core2 will be put into “app mode” so even if it restarts or shuts off the program will still be there.

  • @german-figueroa2000 What you did was to run the code on the core2 in test mode. You need to download the code to the core 2 from which it will be run on boot.

    There are some differences between running in test mode and running in app mode and the biggest is that in app mode you may need to add blocks to initialise wifi communications where as in test mode, the wifi is auto magically run for us.