M5Tough "TOUGH TOOLS" source code?

  • Hello, my name is Alan (user name: abartky) and I just purchased, received, opened up and powered up an M5Tough system.
    So I'm ready to start trying it out to program it, but I really like the "TOUGH TOOLS" app that it shipped with pre-installed and boots up with by default. The app is pretty impressive as it does a good job of showing what the system can do for both Hardware and Firmware capabilities. So I want to start experimenting with it while at the same time have the ability to restore that program in the unit.

    So I was wondering if there is source code for this to get and build from and then install, and/or some kind of image that if I want to, I can restore it by re-flashing the system?


  • Hello @abartky

    please have a look here.


  • Felix,
    Thanks for the reply. About an hour or so after setting up the Arduino tools for the M5 Stack, I downloaded the M5Tough repository with a Zip file and extracted to the Arduino libraries and came across and recognized the "Factory Test" as the "M5TOUGH TOOLS" source code. Where that code was in the M5Tough-master

    Then when trying to compile it, I found I also had to download and drop in the code from github for M5Unified-master, M5GFX-master to get the build to complete OK. While at it, I also downloaded the M5Stack-master for other examples as well.

    With building the Factory Test program, I was able to go back and forth between "Hello World" and the Factory Test, so I'm a happy camper.

    One thing I did notice is that Factory Test program is quite extensive and for some reason, when I did a "Save as" to try and make modifications, it no longer compiled (looks like maybe some path/setup issue in looking for files).

    So I'll try and solve that some other time, I'm up and running now and so far, I like what I see.

    Thanks and best regards,