Add a JTAG connection on future revisions & products

  • Hi,

    being an owner of several Core, Atom and Stick I've had a good run so far with M5Stack products, and used them both for personal use and for work, but I'm now going to use other ESP32-based products in the future unless JTAG is added as a debugging interface in the next releases.

    Already having to manage my own ESP-IDF build chain because Arduino is the """most powerful"""" option out there that you can get out of the box is frustrating enough, since the Arduino framework is objectively both bloated and lacking in features, and this issue should warrant an entry of its own in the Wish List; but also having to debug with countless printfs is a nightmare.

    Let me be clear on this: you will NOT see any PROFESSIONAL environment debugging its devices via any printf() or .Print() whatsoever: if you need to inspect memory in search of overflows, runtime errors, memory leaks and so on, doing it without a proper debugging interface like JTAG is nearly impossible (and no, sorry, GDBstub does not fit the bill).

    It's very disappointing to see this issue left completely ignored by the M5Stack team, seeing as well that a lot of the devices are marketed towards "industrial use", so please, PLEASE do leave the JTAG interface intact and broken out so people can use your products as full fledged devices and not just educational toys!!

  • According to images released by M5Stack on Twitter CoreS3, and StickS3 will have JTAG debugging. I don’t think it’s going to be included with AtomS3 though, due to space constraints.

  • @hwtaro9
    Did this happen? I bought a coreS3 recently, and am struggling to find any details.

    I was happy to get Visual Studio code/platform-io running a C++ simple app on the platform. Of course, the next step is to use a "real" debugger if possible.


  • @peter-rowland99 JTAG on the core S3 is a small connector internally next to the USB port but by default debugging is routed to the USB port.

  • Thanks. Can you direct me to any more information please?

  • Thanks for the link; however I was looking for specific information on jtag debugging... (This device)