ESPNow module not available. Alternatives?

  • I am using UIFlow to try to get two-way communication Between three m5Stack core 2. ESPNow would have done so, but i get error saying that the ESPNow module is not valid. What other alternatives are there?

  • @slow-moose ok, I found a way to use esp-now.
    When using ESPNow in the browser version of UIFlow, it imports: from libs.m5_espnow import M5ESPNOW which does not work. It says that the module does not exist.
    But when using the downloaded version of UIFlow, it imports instead import espnow and import wifiCfg, which does work...

  • Hello @slow-moose

    which UIFlow firmware version is running on your M5Core2?

    I can use ESPNow blocks from the UIFlow online version 1.10.8 just fine on my M5Core2 running UIFlow firmware 1.10.8.

    You can use M5Burner from here to update the UIFlow firmware on your M5Core2.