Missing info about emoji

  • Running the on line version of UiFlow 1.10.8 for coding, having burned UIflow to my core2 , I have some questions about using Emoji.

    in the GUI you can drag and drop a emoji grid, or a block that sets a specific block in a grid to a color. This is a great start, but there are no blocks for setting the background image , size or anything else.

    If you look at the python code , you can see : emoji0 = Emoji(7, 7, 15, 9) .. I've searched for hours on google but no where can I find the syntax for this. Through trial and error I found that the first two digits are the number of blocks in the grid ( x,y ) but the last two seem to be some kind of scaling of the grid size or something I'm not sure of. Likewise I can find no reference to setting the background image, or doing anything else with the module. The most I can find is how to use unicode to display existing emoji.

    Where are the docs for this ? The only docs I can find stick to using blockly, and do no tell you HOW to change the background image or what that first command does, but they do mention it.