What is the best Dupont cable size to use with ESP32 Core and Core 2 controllers?

  • I noticed when searching Google most Dupont cables are 2.54mm is this the best size for a snug connection on the various M5Stack controllers?

  • use GROVE cables for the sensors one comes with every sensor. The MBus interface at the bottom of the core2 is not intended to connect by Dupont lines. If you want to tinker additional hardware to M-Bus then one of the PROTO module might be useful. It adapts the Bus to 2.54mm (0.1") spaced solder points. You are free to use Dupont from there.

  • DuPont or 2.54 is the standees size for headers and connectors. For the ‘-Bus internal connector you need an I/o breakout board or base as the connector is shallow to save space.

  • Thanks folks.