Can't enable external power on the PowerBus using the M5 Stack Core 2 using ESP-IDF.

  • We are using the M5 Core 2 that has a stack layer with the SIM7600.

    We can't to power the M5 Core2 using the external power from the SIM7600 Layer.
    We are using the M5Unified libraries and are calling M5.Power.setExtPwr(true).

    When the USB isn't plugged in the device is constantly rebooting itself and making a ticking noise.

    We assume we have to enable the setPowerBus mode, but can't seem to get it working.

    How would we enable external power here?

    We are Using ESP-IDF as our build platform.

  • Hello @oetzevandenbroek

    I think you are close. Try M5.Power.setExtPwr(false). Below is how it is defined:

        /// Set power supply to external ports.
        /// @param enable true=output / false=input
        /// @param port_mask for M5Station. ext_port (bitmask).
        void setExtPower(bool enable, ext_port_mask_t port_mask = (ext_port_mask_t)0xFF);

    In your case you want to set it as input to the M5Core2.