Add yourself a New Year's mood - Christmas clock is here!

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    🎄🎄🎄Add yourself a New Year's mood! Decorate your M5Stack with a Christmas tree! #M5StackXmas2022🎄🎄🎄

    What can they do:

    • Animated wallpaper with a Christmas tree
    • Adaptive backlight mode will set the brightness depending on the time of day (Bright screen during the day and dim at night).
    • Add up to 4 alarm clocks. You can set up a repeat by day of the week.
    • Disable and activate alarms using the alarm clock manager.
    • Using the settings menu, you can synchronize your watch with the time from the Internet, adjust the brightness of the screen, select an alarm ringtone.
    • Connect to Wi-Fi using Wi-Fi Manager(No need to reboot your device)
    • View the weather using OpenWeather API
    • Run the any *.py scripts from app directory(Calculator, Timer, Weather and etc.).
    • You can enter debug mode directly from the watch menu.

    The M5Stack processor is weak, and drawing snow is a very difficult process for it. Therefore, the firmware may freeze. Fixed by rebooting the device. Please, if you use this firmware version as an alarm clock, set the alarm additionally on another more reliable device.
    And yes, the snowballs are falling very slowly (interval is more than 5 seconds)

    You can install by connecting M5Stack to your computer and using M5Burner to upload the firmware.
    If you have UIFlow_Core 2 firmware, you can download all scripts from GitHub