ESPNOW and wifiCfg

  • I have a Core2 which connects to internet as a Station.
    Also I'm using espnow to connect to nearby ESP01 relays.

    I cannot figure out how to enable ESPNOW as AP, and Wifi connection for internet throught a router as a STATION.

    If I config the STATION, when I configure next he ESPNOW, Wifi STATION disconnects. If I connect first (init) the ESPNOW, then the WiFi STATION, ESPNOW does not work.

    I know that ESP can work at the same time as an AP and STA, but here I cannot figure out how to do both at the same time with MicroPython

    Here I connect to my Wifi

    Here I init the ESPNOW

    I cannot figure how to run both modes at the same time, which I´m sure ESP32 is capable