Apikey.. M5flow... PuppuC...

  • I bought big amount M5-stick, and additional devices. It was surprise box, 2x2x2 meter box and include "electronics".

    I found one PuppyC and Stick. I found it special burner for Puppy+Stick. Now I can see "IIC_puppy" on display. Also I can start M5Flow.

    But... all what I try do in M5flow, it ask always "wrong api-key". I try all possible "12345678" etc etc, also I try found any numbers from stick or puppyC. Nothing.

    What is this "api-key"? How I can invite it? I try use google also, but.... again, nothing.

  • @jukka-kahkonen To use the API key you need to install the UIFlow firmware using M5Burner. Once installed and the device connects to the wifi, the API key will be shown on the screen.
    The Puppy firmware was written in Arduino so does not have the api key.
    BTW the API keys are randomly generated with each new firmware install.