StampS3 Bootloop issue

  • Purchased my first 2 M5 products recently to give them a try (M5 Stamp ESP32-S3). After several hours of trying to get them to work I am at a loss.

    My issue is they are just stuck in a bootloop and there is nothing I can do to get them out. I have other ESP32 S3 devices I mess with no problem and I wanted to try out this these since they seemed neat. Once I plug the device it it connects and disconnects every 1 second or so. I put it in bootloader mode and it stops, I am able to flash it. Once I unplug it and plug it back it it just keeps looping. I have tried every possible combination of power cycling it.

    My other S3 devices I just flashed with Thonny and went to town, took me about 1 min to get going at most. Probably just going to smash them and toss them in the corner as a reminder to stay away, if not i'll troubleshoot for weeks.