• Hi all,
    I`m a M5 newbie but I have ESP32 uPython knowledge. (Thonny, uPycraft, etc.)
    I have some m5stamp C3U but in the m5burner cannot find it.
    I can see Stamp S3 and pico only...
    How to flash firmware for C3U ???
    thanks for in advance for your support :-)

  • Hello @thaller

    it seems that UIFlow is not yet supported for Stamp C3U and therefore Stamp C3U is not yet listed in M5Burner. See here.

    Arduino, ESP32-IDF (UIFlow support coming soon)

    That said, there is a preview version of UIFlow which supports Stamp C3U. See this thread.


  • thanks !

  • Esp32 C3 and C3U is not supported in UIFLOW but is supported by mainstream Micropython. You have to flash the firmware without usb for it to work.