How can I download my old script from a device?

  • RT, I wrote a simple test program for my CorkInk about 1 year ago but unfortunately I lost the original copy of my code. Is it possible to download the script from my device to my computer?
    Also, I want to know if I burn a new firmware with M5Burner onto my device, will it remove all my previously written script?
    Thank you!

  • What kind of IDE and what kind of Device are you using? If you use the UIFlow IDE you can open the file and the download it on your computer. Burning a new firmware on the device will most likely delete the code.

    Kind regards

  • Hi TD,

    Thank you for your reply. I'm using the UIFlow 1.0 and my device is CoreInk. I think I didn't see a download option in the Web version of UIFlow (when I say download I mean transfer file from the device to my computer, not the other way around).
    Maybe I need to download a offline version of UIFlow? Let me try.


  • You can use the "Device File Manager" in UiFlow.