M5paper: disable boot logo/menu

  • Hi!
    I'm quite new to this kind of devices but I'm struggling with a problem on my M5paper 1.1:

    My UIFlow code only seems to work if I enable "boot menu" in M5Burner. In this case, it will always display the M5-Logo when powering on (but starts my code a few seconds later). This is quite annoying because I regularly power the device on using RTC.

    If I disable the boot menu, the device gets stuck in a reboot loop (core 1 general exception).

    Am I doing something wrong or is it a known issue?

  • Sorry for digging this old post....but... I have the same Issue. My application should update the display "as smooth as possible" that means the short flickering for a full refresh is ok (takes less than 1 second) but not the whole startup flickering-clearing-UIFlowLogo-flickering-nothinguntilmydatagetready-flickering thing.
    My solution is now a wait instead of sleep which draws the battery too fast.
    Any idea how to do that in UIFlow?