ENVIII Hat not responding on M5StickCPlus

  • Has anyone managed to get the ENVIII hat temp/pressure/humid sensor working on their M5Stick device please? I have an unusual issue in that the M5Stick device works fine, but I get no readings from the ENVIII hat!

    When I connect another device hat to the M5Stick (I have the rotary encoder) it works perfectly, and also when I attach an alternate ENVIII sensor that I have to the 4-pin grove connector on the bottom of the M5Stick, it works and displays readings correctly.

    So, I am guessing it is possibly an I2C issue where the incorrect address is set somewhere in the code. I have tried several versions of the code from various repo's on the M5Stack GitHub pages, and have checked the I2C address and changed it myself etc, and I can't get the ENVIII Hat sensor to show any readings at all.

    0_1680514681155_IMG_1048 copy.jpg 0_1680514688007_IMG_1049 copy.jpg 0_1680514696376_IMG_1050 copy.jpg

  • what code are you using?