Made purchase of atoms3 devkit with screen, but token isn't showing up in uiflow

  • Basically the title. How do I get my token to show up in uiflow so I can program and test stuff?

  • Have you flashed the AtomS3 Firmware?
    Have you set up the Wifi and have it connected to wifi?
    Can it access the UIFlow2 server?
    Have you opened UIFlow 2.0alpha and not UIFlow 1?
    Have you looked in the connection settings?

  • I have the same problem:
    yes - flashed firmware
    yes - wifi is setup (I set it up in m5burner the same way it's been working for lots of other devices, am I missing a step?)
    maybe it can access the UIflow2 server - how can I tell?
    yes - I'm trying to use uiflow2, not uiflow1 in the browser
    yes - I've looked at the connection settings, can't manually add it using the mac address, have no way to find the token (doesn't show up in m5burner the way old devices do)