COM.LTE (SIM7600G-H) on Verizon Network

  • I am trying to register my COM.LTE with Verizon and they are saying the IMEI is not in their DMD (Device Management Database), and that I need to reach out to the manufacturer and have them add the IMEI to the DMD. I contacted M5 tech support and they responded by saying:
    "We dont have any connection with Verizon, no way to support below request. Thx!"
    The COM.LTE is advertised as being compatible with Verizon, who do I contact about adding the IMEI to the DMD?

  • Hello @hello

    you are correct, the M5Stack document for the COM.LTE module indicates it is certified with AT&T and Verizon.

    I also found this Verizon document stating that the IMEI needs to be in the DMD for certified 4G devices. However this document is
    a) for 4G LTE M2M devices (which COM.LTE is not, I think)
    b) for registering a 4G LTE M2M devices in the Verizon IoT platform.

    Now, I don't know if any device (M2M or otherwise) needs to be registered in the DMD to be allowed in the Verizon network.

    What type of SIM card are you using? Like I wrote, the COM.LTE in my opinion is not an IoT (M2M) modem. It is a fully capable modem including voice. So for instance the IoT SIM card I use in a, say SIM7080, doesn't work in the SIM7600. The SIM card I use in my SIM7600 is a regular (not IoT) SIM card that could also be used in a smart phone. Maybe that is the confusion?

    Note: I do not have experience with Verizon, so all (or some) of the above information and conclusions could be incorrect.


  • The SIM7600G-H is a Verizon "approved module". When a manufacture uses modules that have already been approved by Verizon, they can reduce their devices certification effort. Once a manufacture has their device certified the manufacture can enter IMEIs for their devices into the Verizon DMD and then the devices they sell will be able to get onto the Verizon network.

    M5Stack has not yet taken these steps, and until they do the COM.LTE module will not work on the Verizon Network.

    I have reached out to M5Stack and the have stated they cannot help.
    I reached out the SIMCOM, and they indicated the M5Stack needed to get the device certified.

    The only alternative I see to this is to create a ‘company’ and try to get the device certified under that company’s name. (I am considering this for the learning opportunity, but it may not be worth the effort for something I will play with for a week or 2.)

    Point of all of the above is buyer beware, the COM.LTE will not work with Verizon.

  • Hello @hello

    hmm, it seems unlikely to me that every regular phone ever made has its IMEI in the Verizon DMD to be able to access the Verizon network.

    I still think the IMEI only needs to be in the DMD if that device wants to use the Verizon IoT platform.

    Have you tried different SIM cards?