Any example references to using the extra fonts in M5 Tough

  • Hi all,
    My learning journey has been a big one over the past two weeks with my M5 Tough, and I'm now a lot more comfortable with doing most basic things with it. However one thing that I haven't been able to do is get the GFXFF extra font set working with instructions like "M5.Lcd.drawString()". At the moment I'm limited to the basic fonts 1, 2 4, etc.

    I found the information in the Free_fonts.h file, and included it with #include<Free_Fonts.h> in my main project. And then had a go at trying to reference the fonts using this type of reference "&fonts::&FreeSansBold18pt7b" for the font parameter within the M5.Lcd.drawString command above, but couldn't get the code to compile as it looks like the drawString function is expecting an integer value.

    I'm sure I'm probably missing something simple here, so any pointers or examples of how to use the free fonts on the M5 Tough is appreciated.


  • Un fortunately this is not advised due to lack of space in the firmware.