ATOM S3 Lite: Device is red in UIFlow 2.0, i cant run or download programm to it

  • I burn my Atom S3 Lite in m5 burner with official firmware (Alpha-15 version). The burn process completed successfully, and bind device to my account. After that I open Uiflow 2.0, enter to my account, press ''select device" and select my public device. But the selected device is displayed in red and when I click "Run" or "Download" it writes an error "Execute code failed!". What am I doing wrong?

  • You device is not connected to your local network or it has failed to connect to the UIFLow server.
    Open M5Burner, open config and check your SSID and password are correct.

  • Thank you! As it turned out, the main problem was that if in a program on UIFlow 2.0 (block mode) you create a variable named "state" and assign it 0 during initialization, then the controller starts to behave inappropriately (hangs, new programs either do not load or load but do not work , there are problems described in the previous post). It only helps to re-flash the controller using M5Burner and load into it a program in which there are no omissions of a variable called "state".