Looking for advice on Bluetooth & Audio

  • Hi Guys,

    So im working on a little project, I have some experience with electronics and some with arduino. I am however far from an expert.

    I am looking to build something based on the below requirements:

    • Ability to use a mobile app to upload 4 audio files to an SD card (always 4 files, but they need to be able to be updated)
    • Ability to play said audio files by pressing one of 4 buttons

    I have an M5stack Core2, M5stickC and an M5Stack CoreS3 (on the way). I figured the Core2 would be a good option for this.

    My Question is, how should I approach this, where to start.

    I use normal python at work, but again, not an expert
    I have used arduino for a good number of years, but the most complex thing I built was a signal generator using I2c and an oled screen
    I have played around with UIFlow (I like it) but suspect this may be a bit too limited for this purpose?

    Im just looking to prototype something, so I accept that the Core2 may be overkill.

    Im guessing the hardest part is the bluetooth requirement as it;s not something ive really dealt with (other than as a consumer). I did think that I could split it up and use the app to upload the audio to cloud storage, and just have the M5 grab the files via wifi. But then that carries a wifi access requirement, and then I also need an easy way for people to connect it to wifi. Im looking for a smooth experience

    Any advice welcome