CoreInk SD card in Micropython

  • I need to hook up an SD card to a CoreInk unit using MicroPython. I have tried code that works perfectly with an ESP32 WROVER, as well as code from the file from an M5stack-CORE, but nothing works on the CoreInk. For example, the code:
    import machine, os
    sd = machine.SDCard(slot=3, miso=34, mosi=23, sck=18, cs=14)
    os.mount(sd, '/sd')

    gives the error:
    OSError: (110, 'ESP_ERR_TIMEOUT')

  • No support for M5stack products at all anymore, it seems? Time to look for alternatives.

  • Hello @boardsurfer

    with an Arduino program I can access the SD card just fine. That tells me the wiring is ok. (Note: I used GPIO25 as CS.)

    However with the same setup and using MicroPython I have not been able to access the SD card.


  • Sdcard is missing fully for the core S3 so I assume there is a problem. I’m assured sdcard support will be added this week.

  • Has anyone had success with MicroPython SD card access on the CoreInk? I just installed the firmware that seems to be about 1 week old, but all I get is different error messages when trying to mount the SD card. With slot 1 or 2, I get:

    E (8624) sdmmc_common: sdmmc_init_OCR: send_op_cond(1) returned 0x107

    With slot 2, I get:

    E (8049) spi_master: spi_bus_add_device(373): host not initialized
    E (8052) sdmmc_io: sdmmc_io_reset: unexpected return: 0x102

    With slot 3, I only get OSError(16,), without additional info.
    If anyone has gotten the SD card to work on the CoreInk, which slot and pins do you use? Is there any other initialization necessary?

    Correction: it seems the only reason I get different error message is because I commented out With, I still get the original error. So still no SD card support at all?