ATOM S3 with UiFlow - module M5 or M5Stack

  • I have an ATOM S3 and I have burned UIFlow 2.0 on to it using the M5Burner tool.
    I am using the micropython REPL to program it. (May explore UIFlow later).
    The module "M5" is present in this build of UIFlow.
    In other example code, I have seen a module "M5Stack", but this is not present for my device.
    Can anyone explain what the difference between these modules is?
    Also, I'd like to find a link to documentation on the M5 module, since that seems to be all that is available to me.

  • Hello @forestial

    my guess is that for UIFlow < 2.0 M5Stack was/is used and for UIFlow >= 2.0 it has been decided to use M5 instead.

    In both cases I assume they contain the M5Stack specific code and functions. In how much they are similar or different that I do not know, I am afraid.

    I believe the help() command should reveal some information, no?


  • UIFlow 1.X had an issue with duplicated modules which used up to much much ram.
    UIFlow 2.X is a major rewrite of the firmware and the UIFLOW/M5Stack function have been consolidate into one new library called M5

  • OK, good; by good luck I am already using the M5 which is the future one.

    @felmue yes, the help() function helps but its quite a slog to figure things out. For example I've been able to use the 'Lcd' class to print some text to the Atom S3's display; but when I wanted to change the font, it took me quite a while to figure it out.
    (In case anyone else is looking for this, the command seems to be


    when I incorrectly tried


    it crashes the device!)

  • @forestial I'm working on the docs at the moments and currently logging the API's but as you noticed, it is hard work to find them.