CoreS3 internal battery?

  • I just received my CoreS3. The documentation and the device's box mentioned a 500 mAh internal battery. However, I am unable to 1) find the battery in the device and 2) launch the device without it being plugged in.

    Going into the power tab of the demo software, I see 0.0V for the battery... Which to me would indicate the absence of a battery.

    Since the documentation mentions the internal battery, I assume I have a defective unit that was shipped without it or am I mistaken?

  • Hello @pefortin

    the battery is in the base part of the M5CoreS3. Next to the DC input is the battery switch. See here. In order to run the M5CoreS3 from battery (or charge the battery) the battery switch needs to be in the ON position.

    The battery might be low - so try charging it first.


  • Yes as @felmue has said.
    The battery is located in the base under the pcb. The base must be switched on to charge and use the battery.

  • I also faced this problem.
    In my case, battery was fine, but connector was bad.
    Please check battery and pcb voltage.