ATOM S3 gpio confusion.!!!

  • i have an atom s3,
    i have understood reading the datasheet that it has an IO interface × 6 G5/G6/G7/G8/G38G39

    seems to be missing g1/g2 somehow noo?
    are g38/g39 not already conected to the imu therefore incompatible for being used as IO?

    a little lost
    as in my head a gpio should be free to use noo?

  • Hello @tomtom22

    G1 and G2 are available on Port A. You are correct, G38 and G39 are not available as general IO on the M5AtomS3. They are used for I2C (and yes. the IMU is already connected to them) but additional I2C devices can be added here. M5AtomS3 documentation can be found here.