UI FLOW where to find documentation/functions?

  • Hello Forum : )

    I am total newbie, so I couldn´t find anything about the funktion "Restart on" under "Power" in "UIFLOW" flow.m5.stack.com Ver. 1.11.9.
    I am using M5 Stack Ink.

    In general I am looking for a Document/Manual what explains the functions of Programm lines in UI Flow.
    Yes, you just press the topic link when in UI Flow and usually it opens a useful website with explanations, but I recognized that not all funktions are covered (like the "Restart on") and I couldn find a complete, up to date Manual in PDF or so where I could search the document and get informations how a funktion works and what parameters are needed.

    Another example of unclear documentation is the funktion "Set screen HV" on eInk displays where you can set the value 0 or 1 but not explaned what either value does nor if this funktion is needed on every "set screen show" etc. See discussion on "faded" eInk Displays here

    I am sure there is Documentation out there, I just couldn't manage to find.
    I appreachiate any directions or links to help me out. : )

    Thank you very much : )


  • On the Funktion "Power on" and "Deep sleep" I could find these relevant Threads with usefull insights also concerning Paper and Ink:

  • I’m working on updating the documentation as we speak and regularly release updated preview copies on Facebook

  • @ajb2k3 Thank you! Do you have a link, please?

  • You can find all the juicy documentation and functions for UI Flow in the Help section of the app. Just navigate your way there.