UIFlow2.X Alpha 17 online.

  • As of 13:50 GMT 24-June 2023, UIFlow2.xAlpha 17 server is back online.

  • Yay. I was able to bind, burn, and boot my CoreS3 to UIFlow2. Now I can start experimenting!

  • A quick UIFLOW question:

    Is Wifi strictly necessary to program via UIFlow2? I can do this at home, on my home network, but at work, I cannot connect my M5Stack Cores3 to the company network due to security reasons. So no working on it in my free time at work so far.

  • You can connect and program through WebUSB but this feature is still experimental in web browsers.

  • Hi,
    i've burned it successfully, nice to see LVGL implemented, i like it very much.

    Can you provide some more api documentation? For example Uiflow 2 generates python code that imports "M5", "utility" and "startup" module. I couldn't find any documentation about these.
    Only module i found in documentation is named "m5stack", that doesn't exist anymore.


  • @zetabyte I’m working on a master document which can be found in the official Facebook group. Until it’s finished, it’s only in review status

  • Yay. I succeeded in binding, burning, and starting my CoreS3 using UIFlow2. Now I can begin my experiments!