DMX_Base output is unstable

  • When I use the DMX_Base with the Core2 v1.12.1 and UIFlow 1.0 Latest (web interface), the output is not stable. I am using a tried-and-true Goddard Design Lil'DMXter to read the DMX512 data from the DMX_Base. It is able to accept the signal and can intermittently pick up the correct values. Some channels work better than others. For example, channel 4 seems to update steadily while channels 1 through 3 will rarely have the correct value. I have tested this only with the 3-pin XLR board. I have tested the following switch configurations

    • S1 right, S2 right, S3 off
    • S1 right, S2, right, S3 on
    • S1 left, S2 left, S3 on

    I have not tried Arduino yet but the website says "no official M5Stack library for the DMX512 module" so I am not sure that it would be a good idea to use Arduino instead of UIFlow. I suspect a software issue with the RS485 timing. Is this a known issue?

    Thank you,