Modbus access is very slow in Micropython / UIFlow libaray

  • Hi there,

    I am experiencing very slow modbus access times which are (I am quite suire) not caused by the slow data transfer, but must be something else in the stack. I set multiple coils, read two registers and read multiple inputs. Each access takes about 400ms (estimatedd). I set the timeout to 200ms. I am using modbus on the RS485 bus. I am sniffing the data so I am sure, that the response from the addressed devices comes swiftly - I would say with about 10ms delay, so that is not the problem. Did anyone experience similar issues? Do you have a solution?


  • Micropython/UIFlow library's slow Modbus access may be due to inefficient code implementation or hardware limitations. Check for optimizations, reduce unnecessary delays, and ensure proper configuration. Additionally, consider hardware capabilities for better performance.