M5 LoRaWAN Unit (868MHz) using AT Command to receive downlink from TTN/Chirpstack.

  • Hello everyone, I'm trying to send a downlink from my LoRaWAN application server to my M5 LoRaWAN Unit based end node. The code given by M5Stack for receiving the message doesnt seem to work and after looking through the AT Commands datasheet of the ASR6501 module, I found out that an AT command needs be sent to the module to check if there are any saved downlink payload in the buffer. The original code given by M5 does not send this command to the module (just check the serial for any response from the module).

    Has anyone gotten downlinks to work for this module? Any help is appreciated.


  • @ameero95 managed to get a downlink message on Chirpstack with my private gateway but still no good result from TTN.