Multipage sensor values update

  • Hi there,

    I wish to provide current sensor III information on "page" 1 and a plot of temperature over the last day on "page" 2, RH on "page" 3 and Pressure on "page" 4
    My UI flow program is quite simple, I stay on page 1 for a given time (Timer = 10 s) then clear the screen with Lcd.clear and publish the ad hoc information, display the page for a given time then clear again the screen and move on..
    The program works fine during for the first cycle but as I sart the second cycle the current information is displayed on the screen in an erratic way and the refresh rate is very low and not everything is shown before the program moves to "page" 2
    Did anybody experience the same behavior and if so, what has been your solution ?
    Thanks for any feedback on the matter.


  • What does you program look like?

  • Thanks for the interest. Attached the program0_1691315443381_MeteoLogger.jpg

  • The SD card in the setup is there because I plan to store the values but is not the cause of the issue, without the SD card initialization the bug is still there.

  • No hint from anybody ? The need for a multi page program does not seem odd..

  • @csierra67 I found a workaround, I am closing this topic

  • Amusing.. Just ran across a post by AJB2K3 on the Project sharing section..Did not test it..