How to remove secrets from a .mf5 file?

  • Hi,

    I want to publish examples for UIFlow using HTTP requests. I did as follows.

    1. Create an example with the actual API key
    2. Replace the key with API_KEY
    3. Save as a .mf5 file
    4. Open the .mf5 file with a text editor and check if the API key is not available in the saved file

    I found that the variable for URL is replaced as I expected. However, the original URL containing the API key seems to be available in the http_request block.

    How can I remove the key in UIFlow? Alternative ideas are removing it with a text editor or creating a utility tool, but I want to know if there is a way in UIFlow.


  • Update: I found the shadowed URL by removing a variable connected to the http_request block. At first, I directly specified the API key as a part of the URL, then replaced it with the variable.