Core 2 using servo 2 and setting M- BUS power mode in UIFLOW

  • Hi
    Im very new to the M5Stack system and pretty new to all things Programming and IOT. I done a little in Arduino but still taking baby steps. The move to the M5stack system was the UIFlow interface made it look wrong could I be...time will tell :)

    So my first project is using the servo2 module ( a bit overkill for one servo but hey ho) and the instruction in the documentation is - M-BUS power mode needs to be configured as input when the program is initialized

    I have searched the forum for how to carry this out in UIFlow and found the following statement - UIFlow you can use the Set bus power mode disable/enable M-Bus 5V out put block. It's under Hardware - Power, when M5Core2 is selected as device. Unfortunately my version of UIFlow (V1.12.4) doesnt appear to give me that option??
    Could anybody advise what I am doing wrong and what it is I should be doing please.


  • Hi @nastyone, Could you confirm if you are using Core2 (or Core) please?

    0_1695049992716_Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 16.12.16.png
    Core2 is 2 along 2 down (click your API bottom left to select), which would look like the image below in the UIFlow navigation.

    0_1695050059011_Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 16.10.02.png

    PS An extra tip – you may have found already – there are examples under each Module heading "Load Examples" e.g. for your Servo2
    0_1695050942155_Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 16.28.27.png
    REM If you screenshot don't include API Key

  • @gavin67890
    Hi Gavin

    Sorry I am using the Core 2. The screenshot was taken on my work PC and that’s tied up with security so can’t connect the core2 to it. I’m guessing by what your hinting at my screen shot was not of the options available for the core 2 (my bad). When I get a chance I’ll hook it up to my home PC and see what options I get.

    On a side note and probably a second post eventually I’m struggling to see a simple way to access the system clock without writing a whole timer sequence?? With the Arduino it was a simplish ‘millisec’ instruction,
    Thanks again


  • Hi @nastyone,

    From Blockly > Hardware > RTC > various options for date and time
    Or > Timer > ... to put a wait in secs, millis, etc.

    NB Hardware > Power > M-Bus 5V output (But I'd try the Blockly Servo2 examples first, amended for Core2 change, it might not be necessary or default is correct).

  • @gavin67890

    Thank you again, very much appreciated