atom range optional upgrades

  • i have a few wishes for the atom series.

    id like some more pinouts , especially pins that arent already internally connected to something else, id have no problem if there 1.27 pitch pins,but would prefer symmetry i.e 5 pins each side or 6 pins each side not 4 and 5 like the moment.

    id also like something that could negotiate some power delivery input direct from within an atom base, id say even a very small atom hat that does pd input would be fine.

    id also like an external antenna option inside the atom for those that wish.

    i big leap hear but if you are planning on building a new atomfpv or atomfly so forth ,i think it would be good if you added Loco Positioning using your up coming uwb modules,
    i supose it would be much like the crazyflie setup but hopefully cheaper.

    if you managed to get a similar setup i think there would be allot of demand.