Lora868 Module and Cardkb

  • Hi new here. Trying to help my son with his M5Stack project. He is trying to use the Lora868 Module with the CardKB but there appears to be a conflict between the two, possible both trying use Pin33. He is using the Core2 and UIFlow. When both are added to a UIFlow project it gives the following error:

    Invalid Version
    File"<string>",line23,in <module>
    File"modules/.lora433.py",line 100, in config Lora433_ERROR:Invalid version.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as he is set on using both the CardKB and the Lora686 module together. Thank you.

  • Hello @PK_Pippin

    you are correct, there is a conflict on GPIO33 which on M5Core2 is used for external I2C (SCL) and by the Lora868 module as CS.

    The reason is that on the original M5Stack (core) the same two GPIOs (21/22) were used for internal and external I2C. For M5Core2 the two I2C busses have been split and the external I2C now uses GPIO32/33.

    I guess one solution would be to switch to an M5Stack (core) instead of M5Core2 (core2).

    Another solution might be to use the Ext Port for Core2 which gives you Port E (GPIO27/19) to use with the CardKB.

    Please note: While I did check in UIFlow 1.12.5 that Port E is offered for CardKB I do not have the necessary hardware to test either of my two proposed solutions. So there might be other issues I haven't foreseen.


  • @felmue said in Lora868 Module and Cardkb:

    Thank you for your reply. Will try the Ext Port for Core 2 module as that looks like it might work. Thanks again.

  • @felmue thank you for the suggestion for Ext Port for Core2.