Wired communication between MULTIPLE Atom unit?

  • Hello,
    I want to use three AtomS3 as buttons with variable description and functionality.
    I don't know how to combine this as simply as possible with the fourth module - a "regular" Atom...

    Reasons "why so as it":

    • the settings of buttons 1-3 are related - e.g.: what appears on button "2" when pressed depends on what is on button "1"

    • the main processor performs the task of processing I/O data over the UART, there is no time
      for other activities - for this reason, it must be informed by the buttons 1-3 about changes in their states - in a possibly low-engagement way

    Can anyone give me a hint?
    Może z użyciem któregoś z HUB (PA,PB)?
    Wireless communication is definitely out of the question, the pause to receive any
    message is too long.


  • Hi,

    I'm not able to assist on this one directly, but I wondered if it would help to outline what you are trying to achieve a little more.

    AtomS3 --|
    AtomS3 --|
    AtomS3 --|
    AtomLite or Matrix? -|

    Which is the main processor?
    Are you using UART or I2C for communications?
    Are you thinking I2C from the 3x AtomS3 via PaHUB to Atom (as central processor)?
    Are you thinking UART from the 3x AtomS3 via PbHUB to Atom (as central processor)?
    If using I2C, might it be possible to change addresses of each device and connect on a common bus (Atom Master -| 3x AtomS3 Slave)?

  • OK, I think the solution is CAN communication.
    The question is has anyone tested this protocol directly unit to unit,
    without any hardware?


  • @kmk68 RS485 communication would would work, is designed for this sort of thing, but also cheaper