How to power the M5stack Grey apart from USB-C and battery?

  • Hello,
    In my project, I'm using a 12V power source and I'd like to use it to power the M5Stack Grey. To do this, I've purchased a step-down converter to obtain 5V 1A from a 6-24V source. My problem is that I don't intend to use the USB-C port, which is far too complicated to adapt. Can I use the pins on the Grey's base, and if so, which ones? (those on the IO Port? or those on the Bus Port?) If not, do you have any other ideas?
    Supplementary question: if it's possible, will it recharge the battery?

  • Hello @alcor

    please have a look at the schematic.

    With external 5 V you can power the M5Stack Gray either through the IO Port or the Bus Port. Use pins 5 V and GND (G).

    No, when powering the M5Stack with external 5 V, the battery will not be charged as this bypasses the TP5306 charger IC.