Commercial product based on M5Stack Core

  • Hi,

    I have a project using DS18B20 temperature sensors and water flow meter.

    My prototype is based on M5 core2 and is working fine.

    Now I plan to commercialize a product based on that prototype.

    I want the users to get a plug and play device, so I want to sell them the core + cables + sensors, easy to plug and start.

    I think I do not need to produce a specific board to stack on core, because the sensors only needs a pullup resistor.

    May be that resistor can be integrated into the sensors cable (on the connector) ?

    What is your opinion on this point?

    I was thinking of making a cable that plugs into the M5core1 (basic), on the side GPIO connectors. Because Core2 only have bottom connector.

    Do you think it will be easy to mass-produce this type of cable in the future ?

    Thanks for your help