A problem with the 5V output capability of M5Capsule

  • Hi everyone,

    I recently got my hands on the new M5Capsule and played with it a little bit.
    But I encountered a problem where I tried to use it with a MaixSense A010 ToF camera, the camera won't boot after M5Capsule's power is on.

    I realized that the camera module consumes quite a bit power (about 300mA), so I measured the current which seemed to be capped at 30mA.

    I also tried it with my M5GO, which worked fine.

    I'm not good at hardware or circuit stuff, so I couldn't get much useful information from the schematic.

    Do you have any ideas on this?


  • You will need to add an additional power supply for the camera but if you do, DO NOT CONNECT the Positive out of the grove port or the power will back feed and kill the power management chip (unless they fixed it)

  • @ajb2k3

    Thanks for your advice.

    What I want to do is to power the camera with the M5Capsule alone using it's internal battery. It won't last long but it woiuld be easier to make simple demos with all in a nice little package. It's actually the main reason why I bought my M5Capsule.

    I will consider adding an additional power supply.