Cardputer is broken under

  • Following the compiling instructions, Huge number of compiling errors.

    from /home/esp32/m5stack/M5Cardputer-UserDemo/main/apps/launcher/views/menu/menu.cpp:11:
    /home/esp32/esp/esp-idf/components/driver/deprecated/driver/i2s.h:27:2: warning: #warning "This set of I2S APIs has been deprecated, please include 'driver/i2s_std.h', 'driver/i2s_pdm.h' or 'driver/i2s_tdm.h' instead. if you want to keep using the old APIs and ignore this warning, you can enable 'Suppress leagcy driver deprecated warning' option under 'I2S Configuration' menu in Kconfig" [-Wcpp]
    27 | #warning "This set of I2S APIs has been deprecated,
    | ^~~~~~~
    ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
    HINT: The issue is better to resolve by replacing format specifiers to 'PRI'-family macros (include <inttypes.h> header file).
    ninja failed with exit code 1, output of the command is in the /home/esp32/m5stack/M5Cardputer-UserDemo/build/log/idf_py_stderr_output_309207 and /home/esp32/m5stack/M5Cardputer-UserDemo/build/log/idf_py_stdout_output_309207

    Please advise what to do?

  • Hello @Fortes83

    which ESP-IDF version did you use?

    I found for the compilation to succeed ESP-IDF version v4.4.6 (as stated here) needs to be used.

    Note: I do not (yet) have a M5Cardputer so I cannot verify whether the resulting firmware image runs ok or not.