M5Cardputer & MicroPython

  • Hi M5'ers,

    I'm new to the M5 world, ESP32, and MicroPython. I have an M5Cardputer, for which I have written several programs using Arduino 2.0 IDE as well as Visual Studio Code and Arduino CLI. I'd like to get into the MicroPython world and try it out, though, as I would prefer to have a "stored program computer" that could run different programs through a nice UI instead of just the one on the flash, and it seems MicroPython could enable that.

    Does anyone have a guide/walkthrough for a hello world program or some advanced demos for the M5Cardputer and MicroPython they might recommend please?


  • The cardputer hasn't been out long enough and I'm still waiting on one for my documents.
    So far I only have a generic M5Stamp micropython work in progress guide. https://github.com/Ajb2k3/Sample_UIFlow_Code/blob/main/M5Stamp%20handbook-compressed.pdf

  • Hello NYCMS, WOuld you mind pointing me the tutorial or similar you used to get your VSCode and Arduino CLI toolchain working?